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  1. Ron Strider

    Canada: House Health Committee To Reconvene Early To Study Pot Bill

    The House of Commons Health Committee will reconvene in Ottawa a week ahead of Parliament resuming to hold full-day hearings on the government's marijuana legalization bill. The committee is holding the marathon session of meetings to get a head start on its study of Bill C-45, the Cannabis...
  2. Ron Strider

    Cops May Still Use Marijuana As A Reason To Search You - Even After Legalization

    For as long as the War on Drugs has persisted, marijuana and its skunky, distinct smell have been used by law enforcement as probable cause to search vehicles and detain individuals on the street. Now that recreational weed is legal in California, it would seem the validity of this oft-used...
  3. B

    Casey Jones #3

    I've got 2 casey jones (by head seeds) plants growing which are 1 week old today. I'm running 12/12 from seed.