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cash crop 5.0

  1. CptGeorge414

    Our growing grow space

    Hello everyone! I had a quick question for you guys. So I’ll be attempting my first grow in the cash crop 5.0, dumb I know, and I’ll be growing white widow inside of it. So I literally got the seeds 30 minutes ago and there germinating now. The cash crop comes with one 20w led light that’s all...
  2. CptGeorge414

    Beginner tips? Advice?

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to get all the information I can before I start my first grow. So recently I bought a cash crop 5.0 - 6 Plant Hydroponics, that should be arriving in the mail today, because of its small and sleek design, im growing in an apartment so stealth is one of my main...
  3. D

    Do I need another grow medium besides rockwool?

    Hey guys, I'm a first time grower and first time posting to these boards! Before I get to my question let me tell you a little bit about the setup I have. I am growing using the cash crop 5.0 grow box. (Cash Crop 5.0 - 6 Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box - Dealzer) I'm only growing three...