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  1. Sochi

    Worm Castings

    Any opinions out there on the use of fresh worm castings in a soil mix for indoor cannabis plants? I have a very healthy worm bin and have just harvested a batch. Just wondering if others have used fresh castings--not dried store bought castings. Fresh ones haven't been processed and harbor lots...
  2. K

    Sikworm Castings Desert Grow

    I have a a 2 1/2 week plant started from a freebie seed. Its currently in a 5gal bucket outdoors. I live in a desert where temps frequently pass 100 during the summer months. I will be growing 100% organic with silkworm castings . Please ask any questions or comments
  3. K

    Silkworm castings as soil amendment

    I currently have a 2 1/2week plant growing outdoors that I top dressed with silkworm castings. I was thinking it would make a great soil amendment as was wondering if anyone had tried or would want to try using it as an organic soil amendment?
  4. K

    Silkwork castings?

    My last grow was 100% organic and I love it! In the never ending search of finding the best ingredients to mix for my soil I have read many good things about insect frass (poop).-I currently go threw a lot of silkworms for my reptiles in the summer months because the mulberry trees are in bloom...
  5. S

    Why are some worm castings worthless?

    My personal composting worms produce only 8 cubic yards of organic vermicast yearly that is harvested each spring. Rapid production of worm castings from low nutrient feedstocks does not make quality castings. Shredded maple leaves, alfalfa, cornmeal, oatmeal and barley produce large...
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