1. Ron Strider

    OR: Getting Twisted With My Feline Friends

    Until very recently, it was impossible to safely get turnt with your furry roommates. But finally, the future is now: The creation of cat wines and CBD weed infusions promises to make the ritual of guzzling pinot alone while re-watching Friends just a little less sad. I decided to see if my...
  2. S

    Cat attack

    My cat destroyed /ate a bunch of fan leaves , bit half of the leafs off . should just take them off plant , its an auto
  3. V

    Please Help - I am a newbie but I think my plant is in trouble

    My plant is about three weeks old, even though it doesn't look it, when it was only a week old it was attacked by a cat. The cat ate pieces off all of the leaves, and ever since it does not really grow. There are a few baby leaves that look new. I am just starting to keep a photo lot to track...
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