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    So recently I've discovered a slight infestation of caterpillars and one of my plants how should I determine whether or not it's bad enough for me to pull
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    Outdoor Grow, San Diego - HeadBand

    Hello all, I am new to this site so forgive me if this has been answered yet.. I am currently growing outdoors in smart pots with coco using roots organic and a few other nutes. I have Headband (707) / Alien / GodsGift and some weird sativa shwagg... All of my plants grow great and are...
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    Malathion on budding plants

    I am growing outside in full California sunshine and unfortunately every catapiller and thrip around seem to be attacking my budding plants I sprayed malathion because I can't afford to lose this crop and the amount of damage was increasing too fast so I had to go nuclear and while I'm sure I...
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