1. Aaaahhhh! You bastards!

    Aaaahhhh! You bastards!

    They are relentless
  2. They are everywhere

    They are everywhere

    Gotta catch them all
  3. Seek and you will find

    Seek and you will find

    Found this one during inspection
  4. D

    Caterpillar advice - Budworms

    First time growing outdoors in the summer, I guess I have a huge moth problem where I live because there are bud worms on all of my plants that have flowered early. I have a critical kush that has some very dense nugs and every week I find more caterpillar after I have spent 20 minutes every...
  5. C

    Whats up with this plant?

    As simple as that what do you think is cause whats in the pictures? Overall its very healthy but this has happened over the last few weeks. I killed a caterpillar on it but that was the only thing i have found and have seen nothing since.
  6. trichomes

    Photo of InchWorm after first meal of plant with BT "salad dressing"

    Safe to say he hatched, he ate & he died before he took his first shit! Shown at the tip of a match-head. Picture taken with 15 dollar USB microscope.
  7. trichomes

    Jumbo caterpillar caught, must be a Huge moth's offspring!

    Found this guy in the shade, in some dry grass, must have been a Jumbo moth that laid that egg! I'll keep him alive until identified, any member input on this critter? thanks for looking I ID'd it as offspring from the dreaded HAWKMOTH, here's one I caught in May, scary!
  8. trichomes

    Wow, this was so hard to spot, pic of infant inchworm

    offspring from my war on moths! smallest I've found to date. Only way I found it was, I saw a small silk thread, sometimes I'll knock one off by flicking the stems and watching for them to fall (usually they fall with a silk thread still attached to plant.
  9. trichomes

    Must See Photo! Ladybug eating a live inchworm on my outdoor plant

    Ladybugs are massacring all inchworms & eggs on my outdoor plant as soon as I let them out! Are there any drawbacks to ladybugs used for eradicating pests? I get 1000 bugs for 6 bucks, they last up to 3 weeks! Thank you
  10. trichomes

    Moth Caterpillar Eggs

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