1. Jackalope

    Canna Cat?

    I have a male plant that I want to keep. I would like to keep it in veg and take clone if I need pollen. I don't really have a place for a father plant. I know of a lot of situations of animals eating pot plants. and it doesn't hurt them. A friends great dane used to vacuum up fan leaves as they...
  2. Ron Strider

    OR: Getting Twisted With My Feline Friends

    Until very recently, it was impossible to safely get turnt with your furry roommates. But finally, the future is now: The creation of cat wines and CBD weed infusions promises to make the ritual of guzzling pinot alone while re-watching Friends just a little less sad. I decided to see if my...
  3. Bapple

    Help! Stoned Cats

    So as usual first thing on a Monday (today counts as Monday cos yesterday was a holiday) I emptied all the left over food from the weekend into the cats dishes ( I adopted 7 stray cats) About an hour ago one of the guys came back from a fag break and said the cats were behaving strangely. I...
  4. Cannabelle

    Medical Marijuana for Animals: A Case for Compassion

    The following article was written by Dr. Amanda Reiman, who is the California policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA). Based in San Francisco, Reiman leads the DPA's marijuana reform work in California. She has conducted numerous studies on medical marijuana dispensaries, medical...
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