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    Ananda Seeds - breeder from France with a lot of Cannabidiol, CBD
  2. Kaiser Wilhelm

    Highest CBD Strains With 1/1 Ratio

    I'm curious what the limit is for CBD content/production in cannabis while maintaining 1/1 ratio of THC and CBD. I have seen some strains that claim 12/12, and one I am growing currently that claims 21/19 but in general most that are true 1:1, claim 10% or less for both. That said, is anyone...
  3. B

    Cbd %

    I'd like to know what is considered a high CBD and isn't more of it better if you're using for chronic pain?? Thank you. :peace:
  4. C

    Highest CBD point for processing?

    I have a question about when to process my plants. Let me first start by saying that I have a very odd situation so the typical, "Try it at different stages and see what works for you" doesn't quite work. My daughter has a medical card for her cerebral palsy and other disabling conditions...
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