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    Cured CBD Therapy buds
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    Boredom sets in when I can't sleep...CBD Therapy cured
  3. C

    Chappy's Coco White Widow & CBD Therapy Grow Journal - 2017

    You guys will get to know me as Chappy. This will be my first ever grow and I wanted to capture this experience in a grow journal. This way I can share this experience with you guys, learn about how to grow, and hopefully provide a good detailed journal that will be useful to others who are also...
  4. Pablo Tesla

    The Fridge Grow Room - CBD Therapy

    Hi everyone, With this journal I want to share knowledge and keep records. I've got one plant - CBD Therapy from CBD Crew - that I just flipped to 12/12 h. It is in 100% coco coir, 8 L smart pot, 250W MH (height is limited, and it's a stretchy strain, so for the first 2 weeks in flowering...
  5. G

    420's Outdoor CBD Therapy Grow Journal - 2016

    Hello All, This will be my third year growing our favorite plant and my first grow journal. English is not my maternal langage, so be indulgent with my mistakes ! Up to now, I have grown only automated strains (cream caramel auto, sweet afghani auto, green poison auto and sin tra bajo) with...