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  1. Candida


    Cd1 Candida ,high cbd
  2. X

    New here from Oklahoma

    Hey everyone, I'm new to forum but I've probably lurked here for advice off and on for years now. I've done 4 indoor grows with what I call 'ghetto' DWC with CFL's. I have gotten surprisingly decent yields off each grow but am ready to step up my game and do better than I have in the past...
  3. This is a better arrangement

    This is a better arrangement

    Left rear Franco's Lemon Cheese, right Cheese, front Candida
  4. Candida


    Moved this one
  5. Candida CD-1

    Candida CD-1

    Two Candida
  6. Six little plants

    Six little plants

    Six ladies, left to right, back row first, Franco's Lemon Cheese, Cd-1, Cheese. front row , Triple Cheese, CD-1,Cheese. Getting crowded, gonna spread them around.
  7. IMG_5754.JPG


    CBD Euphoria DWC
  8. 66BB985B-408A-492F-9505-FBC880966C68.jpeg


    Group shot
  9. Alafornia

    Autism: Israeli Study Finds Cannabis Safe & Effective Treatment

    First, a link to the published study: Real life Experience of Medical Cannabis Treatment in Autism: Analysis of Safety and Efficacy A medicine that gives moderate to significant improvement to 80% with this condition is unheard of - until now. This is an early study meant to show cannabis is...
  10. C2E99A65-FD26-49A6-91A9-9EDAA75A7FD8.jpeg


    Roots on the DWC 2 day compare
  11. 26875468-F783-4EE7-BD3A-F51D3ACD1776.jpeg


    Cbd Euphoria DWC
  12. S

    Cloning to lower THC levels without sacrificing CBD?

    Is this possible? The reason I ask is because Id like to use a version of ACDC but the lowest its THC levels go down to is 0.42% which is still above the 0.3 threshold. Would trying to clone ACDC with Charlotte's Web balance it out? I saw some talk about degradation of THC levels from...
  13. CBD Critical Mass

    CBD Critical Mass

    To be harvested this week, just doing a flush right now.
  14. CBD Critical Mass

    CBD Critical Mass

    To be harvested this week, just doing a flush right now.
  15. 30742155_1033697216782041_968243203829419393_n.jpg


    Big Pharma doesn't want you to be healthy! https://cowboydude.com
  16. Hempworx-Products-Leafly.jpg


    HempWorx CBD product line up. HempWorx has a line up of pure, potent, organic CBD products. Tinctures, topical pain cream, skin care, pet products, CBD bath bombs and CBD coffee too! If you are looking for a quality CBD product go to https://buyhempworx.store.
  17. 500-drops.jpg


    HempWorx 500mg Full Spectrum, Pure, Organic CBD Oil. Grown and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards. If you are looking for superior CBD that really works, then please visit https://buyhempworx.store
  18. CannaBeardGrows

    CBD Cheese Auto: Just What The Doc Ordered

    Ok Let me start off by stating I'm new to this, growing and reviewing, but this strain was... JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED I love cheese, UK or otherwhys im an old fan of skunk strains and have been shown the light a few years ago with high CBD and when I got my ACMPR i was looking for a nice...
  19. 750F5226-0D65-411D-A37A-B1E0845336EE.jpeg


    The CBD Euphoria Quad in the back and the Euphoria CS girl aka pollenmachine in the front lol
  20. pink-kush-auto-


    seedsman CBD collection
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