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  3. Lady G2HM

    Neuro Genesis Study To Grow Dreams & Meds

    Neuro Genesis Study to Grow Dreams & Meds — Brainiacs
:Love: :welcome:Presented by Lady G — Jr. Grow-A-Brain Scientist ;) hahahaha
:welcome: (Loves to laugh and has already studied over 7500hrs since Sept 2015 as a Brain Patient) Best picture from my last Kushy Kush harvest...
  4. flytier

    Flytier's CKS CBDream Journal - From The Beginning This Time

    JUNE 09, 2017 So this is my second grow journal and I'm starting it at the same time I put the seeds down. There's a store in town that deals in Crop King Seeds, so that's the brand that I get. It saves lots of waiting time and the uncertainty of getting something through mail order (although...
  5. C

    CBDream Fem at 10 weeks

    CBDream Fem at 10 weeks under LED lighting. I just went from 18/6 to 12/12 2 days ago.
  6. M

    MissyMayham - Soil - CBDream - Micro Grow Journal 2016

    Single plant stealth grow** (first ever noob grow so be gentle :)) Veg start: first leaves. Light: 1600 CFLs x6 (5000-6500 lumens), 18/6hr light cycle. Soil: 3 : 1 : 1 organic soil, worm castings, perlite. Sterilized soil to kill little flies (ick!) Veg fertilizer: 24-8-16 (all-purpose MG -...
  7. M

    Hi CanFam - CFL grower

    Stealth CFL grower - and a complete and utter noob lol. Thank goodness for 420! First CBDream plant going into flower. MB Canada