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  1. Ron Strider

    MA: Special Event Licenses, Home Delivery, Marijuana Restrictions Debated

    The first day of policy debate among state marijuana regulators indicated that the Cannabis Control Commission is working towards industry regulations that would give consumers more options for how they obtain marijuana and where they will be able to use it. The commission on Monday worked...
  2. Ron Strider

    MA: Regulators Mull Landscape For Cannabis Clubs And 'Budtenders'

    Allowing adults to purchase and use marijuana at some retail facilities -- think cannabis clubs -- could reduce the risk of children getting a hold of the drug and may limit how much legal marijuana is illegally transported out of state by visitors, a Cannabis Advisory Board subcommittee...
  3. Ron Strider

    MA: Legislature OKs $2.7M For Cannabis Panel

    The Cannabis Control Commission has an executive director, temporary office space and soon it will have the money it needs to build out a legal marijuana market in Massachusetts. The Legislature on Thursday passed a supplemental budget (H 4052) appropriating $2.7 million for the operations...
  4. Ron Strider

    PA: The Bizarre World Of For-Profit Physicians And Cannabis

    Pennsylvania's medical cannabis law requires patients to go through registered doctors to get into the program, but none are available yet. Now, some overenthusiastic groups are jumping the start in an attempt to drum up business. Welcome to the bizarre world of for-profit physicians opening up...
  5. Ron Strider

    MA: Marijuana Panel Taking Listen-First Approach To Rule Writing

    Working off a slew of legal requirements and a series of near-term deadlines, the Cannabis Control Commission on Monday pulled together almost 30 organizations to find out what stakeholders want to see in the rules that will govern the newly legal marijuana industry. The legal marijuana law...
  6. Ron Strider

    MA: With Clock Ticking, Cannabis Control Commission Seeks Input On Marijuana Regs

    With just nine months before recreational, or adult-use, marijuana is set to go on sale in Massachusetts, the state's new Cannabis Control Commission has set an aggressive schedule to hear from the public, hire a permanent executive director, and get down to the business of drawing up...