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  1. SweetSue

    Super-Cooled QWET Wash For Cannabis Extraction Using Dry Ice

    Just a little something I found last year and finally got presentable. Enjoy. :4: Super-Cooled Dry-Ice Cannabis Extraction July 27, 2016 SUPER-COOLED QWET WASH FOR CANNABIS EXTRACTION USING DRY ICE Making a great smokeable cannabis concentrate yourself at home, with good color, great...
  2. H

    1st timer - Medicinal CCO is my goal

    Hello all, I've been lurking for several weeks reading and researching. I'm 30, male, US. I've never posted anything, on any site before, ever lol. I don't have social media and enjoy being outdoors and helping others. I regularly burn flower for its mellowing effects on my sometimes intense...
  3. D

    Using capsules for oil

    I am getting my first delivery of CCO soon and I've bought an encapsulating machine. I know I must use vegetable capsules for CCO. What should I mix it with, in the cap? Olive oil? Canola Oil? Will the capsule likely leak? I was going to put the CCO, using an eyedropper, onto corn...
  4. B

    Best CCO for eczema/dermatitis?

    Hi everyone! New to the forum and have been reading up on How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil Has anyone had success with a CCO for eczema/dermatitis? I would like to try using CCO to see if it may help with my condition. Im thinking of a high CBD strain to minimize the psychoactive effects...
  5. bdubs504

    My Experience Treating IBS/IBD with Legal Colorado Cannabis in 2015

    In 2013 I was diagnosed with IBS/IBD. In 2015, I moved to Colorado desperate for better quality of life. My conditions included severe bowel issues (diarrhea), severe nausea, severe pain, and two indicators of something else potentially: extreme weight loss -110 lbs in 2015- and vomiting. My...
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