cdm cmh lec 315w

  1. lxstnr

    Lx's 2018 Growing Adventures

    Running multiple strains at the moment: GG4 (DHN), Dosidos (DHN), Modified Mints (GMOxSinmint cookies by Sincity seeds), Grandpas Breath (by DVG), Dark plasma (Team OG), Ninja Fruit (Team OG), and Deadly Sativa (by MMS) Dark Plasma and Grandpas breath are 30 days into flower The rest are in...
  2. T

    Omega cdm?

    So, looking to upgrade my 250w hps to a 315w cdm Does anyone know if this one is any good? - I've only ever seen people use Maxibright and Phillips, but this seems like a cheaper alternative. Thanks to anyone that could chime in :D