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  1. D

    Your ways to veg with HPS with a low ceiling?

    One of my spare rooms has a ceiling that's 8.5 feet high. How would it be possible to veg in this room with my Gavita DE, if possible at all... Would it work with a low table/canopy, and training/topping my plants so the height doesn't become a issue? Need suggestions! Thank you very much in...
  2. RosettaStoned

    Vent through my top vent AC?

    I need somewhere to vent, i am starting something up and its either A) Cut a 6 inch whole through the drywall into another room with window open B) If i can, take the Vent Cover off of the ceiling (metal vent) and vent it out up through my house... Is this possible to do? Any other...
  3. wizeman

    how far apart

    first grow and woundering how far a part should my lights be for a 18x18 room with 1000 HPS on the ceiling and I got 6 of them thanks looking to grow 25 plants :thumb:
  4. S

    Shielding from smell

    Greetings, im happily getting into my first grow and before i even have my clones i have come across some issues, or questions for the experienced on here. first thing first.. SMELL. yes. the dreaded smell. now, i live with my friend and she smokes but we both agree on the fact that we dont want...