1. xHope

    Completed Grow - 250W - 1 x Skunk Kush & 3 x NL

    Hi guys, I'm new in this forum, and I would like to share with you this new experience ps: I had not planned to create a topic, so I haven't a many pictures of the past weeks. This is my Setup: - Closet 60x90x170 - 1 Holographic Series 1 Led (just for the first 3 week of veg) - 1 Hps...
  2. A

    Abandoned Unknown Fem - DWC - LED 152W - 0.12m2

    Hello everyone! Decided to share another grow with you. It's already in progress, now it's in preflower, 12/12 was switched week ago. I'm using last of the uknown fem seeds which i got long time ago already, all of these gave me good plants and nice smoke. So, no seed was thrown away, this...
  3. A

    Completed 2014 Indoor - DWC - CFL - Unknown Seed

    Hello friends!:high-five: I have read many grow journals and decided to give a try and start my journal here also. For my small grows i'm using stealth cabinet (mini closet in my closet :rasta:)with inside space 40/38/101 cm, 12 cfl bulb setup and dwc setup. Ventilation system: TD Silent...
  4. JuicySoil

    Completed Growone Indica - Juicysoil - Northernlights Back - Crossed With Afghani Ancester

    Strain : Indica, nothernlights. Girls : Cloned from beautyfull big Mamma:yummy: Lights for veg : 150w CFL agrolite and 200w agrolite CFL (compactflurocentlights) Lights for flower: 2x400w hps (high presure sodium)...
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