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    First grow. Beautiful green Lemon Haze.
  2. K

    Is My LST On An Auto Correct? Journal

    I have started growing a sensi skunk auto in my closet, now check this as its the most basic set up you can think of. I got a tent and a 125watt cfl. That's it. Gonna put a little fan soon but don't know about lighting. It's my very first grow just seeing what happens, I'm at about 2 weeks after...
  3. Lyzardman

    Hello fellow bud-dy's - Help me out with my first grow & my first grow journal!

    Just started my first grow 12 days ago. As you can see by my profile pic I work in the blown glass industry. I sandblast glass pieces like the one in my pic. Always wanted to grow and now I am trying. Check out my in progress grow journal. Any feed back would be appreciated.
  4. S

    Completed First Grow - Random Seeds - CFL

    I decided it was time to finally stop, or at least slow the rate, of paying for bud so I grabbed 5 random seeds from my bag seed collection and germinated them mid-November (paper towel method). Plants: random bag seed from my collection Light: 125 watt 6500k CFL in a Fluorowing by Hydrofarm...
  5. H

    CFL grow lights

    Hello. I recently ordered a couple of 125w CFL. and when they arrived i noticed that theres some kind of melted glue with a little glass tube between the tubes of the lamp. i would really like to know, should i remove them or just let them stay. i got them off from one bulb but theres some...
  6. S

    critical autoflower cfl 125w?

    hey .. about to start my first grow just as soon as the seeds come, ive got a 12. x 1.2 x 2 mt tent two 125w cfl bulbs and one light. really thinking about the 300w dual spectrum.. but moneys tight . was wondering if i would be able to get away with the 125 w bulbs or there just not...
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