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    Officially the first day of week 5 in the flowering period
  2. E

    Upside down leaves!? *first grow*

    I'm about a week away from 12/12. My veg room has 3 lights, 2 x CFL 250w and 1 HPS 600w. Now the plants are older, every time I put one under the HPS its drooping and on one strain the leaves are actually turning around.. I'm worried as when I turn to 12/12 next week, all three bulbs will be...
  3. Sneakygreen

    OG Kush & WWxBB Grow - Indoor Tent

    1st indoor grow I ordered seeds from herbies and after a few weeks nothing. So I sent an email notifying them of this and they resent for me received two weeks later! I ordered feminised white widow seeds I also got a dinafem og kush and 2 afganis as freebis! The next day I germed 1 wwxbb and...
  4. D

    2x Jack Diesel - Scrog - CFL - Grow

    Hello, first indoor grow, I made grow box in my closet. 2x jack diesel autoflower in 11l pots 250w CFL lamp 20000 lm Box size is 0.6 sq meter Now I'm facing the problem about humidity it's about 40 celsius, in what way is possible to always keep it around 60?
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