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    Abandoned CFL - First Grow - Bag Seed

    Last year I met a guy from my dad he was like 65 a old war vet. He showed me his grow he had about 15 plants he was using some type of soilless he taught me how to make butter,lst,clone,and a few other things I would pick up here and there during are conversations,I just moved back to my home...
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    my single plant grow box, are there any problems?

    im going to be using a 1.5 x 1.5ft box that is about 3 feet high. im using 6 23 watt cfls. the box will be located in the attic which goes below freezing so i have a halogen lamp. (around 70 watts, i dont remember exactly) also the walls inside will have a small christmass light set wraped...
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    Help finding affordable LED that works well for flowering?

    Hello everyone! I hope your having a very high day!:smokin2: Thanks for checking out my very first post:thumb: So I've been looking around a lot for an affordable led light that works as well as it could for an affordable price. At the moment I've got a grape ape clone that I've been vegging...
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