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  1. WestSideGrow

    Purple larry help! - rust looking color on one leaf

    Hello again 420, I've been away from the site for some time now. I have started a grow ( Grandaddy purp X Larry OG ) Purple Larry. Same as before - fox farms ocean forest medium, 26 watt cfl (for now) Now the grow is going very very well speedy, steady growth. Her stalk is completely...
  2. WizHigh

    Lumens Vs Color Temp?

    OK so I thought its all about the color temp on the kelvin scale when it comes to lighting? Ive been going back and forth about using MH/CFL/T5 for my new grow space that im building. Ive just found out that 400 MH color temp only shows 4000 on the kelvin scale, but lumens are 36,000. 23w CFL...
  3. trichomes

    Member Input Please - Lotus CFL bulb looks like a Great product?

    Ilike what I've read about the large LOTUS CFL bulb, I'd love to see some member feedback on your opinion. Thank you members!!
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