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  1. J

    Amnesia Haze Auto - Indoor Hydro Grow

    My girls have arrived...
  2. Myxomatosis

    Myxo's - Coco Coir - Purple Kush - 2016

    Hello and thank you for checking out!!! So this is my very first time growing, my seeds took quite a while to arrive and during this time I decided to inform myself as much as possible, I just got them today but I really want to do this right and accept all your comments and help from the...
  3. zacmac

    Plastic Tote Grow

    What strain is it? Dead head og x2, Afghan og, L.A. Chocolate Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid. What percentages? Varies Is it in Veg or Flower stage? veg If in Veg... For how long? sprouted March 28/2016 If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Tote Soil or Hydro...
  4. Legal Hydro

    Legal Hydro's Speedy Gonzales Journal - July 2015

    Legalhydro's Grow Journal Speedy Gonzales Hello!:420:Community! Legalhydro here bringing you my first grow journal! All feedback is greatly appreciated! This is my FIRST ever grow! :cheer2: Link to the seeds strain lineage/genealogy --> Speedy Gonzales (by Flash Seeds) :: SeedFinder :: Strain...
  5. G

    1st Grow - Unknown Seeds - Comments & Suggestions Welcome!

    Hey everyone, newbie here. Thought ill start a grow journal to get some help on problems I may run into and mostly comments and suggestions u guys may have for me. Thanks Time---1am (day 16) Strain-----Unknown Method-----Hydroponic Location---Indoor/growbox Medium----Rockwool, Clay pellets...
  6. K

    Help with cfl bulbs! New to growing

    Doing my first grow in a small cubboard and have 1 30watt-117watt cfl, 2700k, 1700 lumens on 1 plant jst looking for some advice on if this will be enough light to grow 1 plant i have another light the same would i be better to put that in with it aswell or would that do...
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