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    I'm no doctor - Noobie concerned about misdiagnosing

    Hello all, First time grower and worried about some health issues that have recently come up. I was hoping that some of you wiser/experienced ladies and gents would take a look at some of pictures and help me come to some kind of conclusion. Suggestions/tips are appreciated. Basically I'm...
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    Hi! First time grower needs help please!

    Hi All, nice meeting you all and thankful that ive found such a great resource! Long story short (kinda)...was a medical card carrier from SF, CA who relocated to the burbs of NYC without any real reliable and consistent access so while at a friends house about a month ago getting medicated, i...
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    Nirvana Blue Mystic Auto Fem CFL Grow

    Hey this is my First auto fem grow, please have a lok and drop some advice Nirvana Blue mystic auto fem currently On Day 4 Soil enriched with blood and bone/excellent drainage and airation 10 Litre Bucket filled 95% 5x CFL 24w 6500k 1x cfl 2700k 9000 lumen total going to add 2 more cfl in...
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    First Grow - CFL/Outdoor - Soil - 2015

    Hey guys started my first grow got two clones one blue dream one platinum bubba. Growing in miracle grow soil. I know messed up added perlite though. Currently I have a 19 hour lights on five off for vegging. From 6am to 8pm they are outdoors from 8pm to 1am under 6 32 watt 6500k cfl bulbs. What...
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