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  1. R

    Only Five Blade Leaves?

    Got a blue dream and platinum bubba clone that I've been vegging for little bit over two weeks and it's only producing five blade leaves. This normal? I've seen other plants that usually have 7 or 9 should i wait longer or does it even matter? Thanks for your time
  2. T

    Northern Light Auto - Soil - Stealth - CFL - Newbie

    So after reading months of peoples grow journals, I wanted to finally try it myself. Btw this site is great for information. The members don't flame newbies or give them sh*t for making mistakes. Everyone is very helpful. So here it goes. Strain- Northern light Auto Fem Soil grow indoor 2.5...
  3. N

    1st Grow: Dr Kripling Incredible Bulk, Fluxed, GLR, DLS, Small Tent. Any Suggestions?

    Greetings all! So then, I have finally decided to take the leap into cyberspace and connect with other 'interested parties'! I've read a few grow journals and have been inspired by the community here so I've decided to jump into the sandbox and see if anybody will share their toys! ;) I've...
  4. L

    LoveBudnPeace's Soil Grow/Northen Lights First Timer 2014

    What strain is it? Northern Lights Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Indica Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? It's been 3 days If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? It's...
  5. daTenshi

    10 days old Lowryder AF

    Hey guys, I have two lovely lowryder autoflower babies. They 10 days old and need to be transplanted ( I know now they should have went into final pot, my bad ) and I gave them their first feed 2 days ago when I last watered. I will be transplanting later tonight before they go to sleep. Do I...
  6. G

    Northern Lights Stealth Rubbermaid Grow - First Grow!

    Ok this will be my first attempt at growing so lets do it. I have a rubbermaid container, 2, 65 watt cfl's, 2 120mm Pc fans, one for intake and one for exhaust. Ive spray painted the inside with flat black to light proof it, and I then went over that with flat white to make it reflective. I will...
  7. J

    2 20w cfl 6500k for vegg!? - Single Plant

    I have a small indica kush plant growing in a closet setup i made, the plant is about 3 weeks old and has been topped at its 3rd node, i was wondering if 2 20w (75w replacement) cfl 6500 full spectrum (daylight) bulbs are enough to get me thru vegging?
  8. E

    First CFL Grow - Northern Lights x Purple Kush - Interested?

    Strain: Northern Lights x Purple Kush Characteristics: Indica Number of Plants: 1 Plant Stage: Vegetative (15 days since germination) Type of Grow: Indoor Medium: Soil (Miracle Grow Potting Mix) Pot Size: 12" round, 14" deep Lights: 2 CFL bulbs right now (52w, 3220l, 13,000k)(total light). Will...
  9. Yeps420

    1st Grow CFL 5250 Watts- 20 Ladys- SCROG+Training+Seed- Grape Krush-SSH - SourD+ More

    Hello. I go by the name Yep. 1st off. Thank you for letting me share my journal with you all here at 420magazine. I have enjoyed quite a few post here over the last few months. I decided to come out of the shadows and share with y'all my journal. Please feel free to...
  10. BornTo420

    My First Grow - Seven Lovely Ladies With SCROG

    Here are some answers to the question I grabed from the guide lines: Will upload a gallery and post URL soon. Thanks for your views and comments. What strain is it? ANSWER: I have no clue; I stored seeds about 18 months ago in a sealed container in a cool dark place. I got bored...
  11. Sam Spade

    Cabinet development: hydroponic scrog grow under CFLs

    Hi all, I'm a new member to the 420magazine forums, and a soon to be first-time grower. It is legal for me to grow in my state, but I'd still like to keep it stealth for when family or the cable guy comes by. After searching for months for the "perfect" piece of furniture on craigslist, I...

    I.Play.4.Keep's Rebound Cabinet CFL Scrog

    Welcome Again!:Tokin: Sooo i learned some hard lessons in my first attempt from seed. And so far i can't believe i havent killed my remaining girls but none the less they've survived so here's the lowdown: Cabinet Size Approx. 2x2x1 Mylared interior Soil Roots: Natural & Organic Pot...

    First Try DIY Cabinet CFL ScrOG in Soil

    I have a journal in progress and I'm havin a hard time getting input over in the journals forum because so many people also have journals in progress that are much more impressive lol. The link is in my sig and also i pasted it below. If you have time please check it out and leave me a comment...
  14. W

    First Time Grow SKUNK 1 CFL

  15. G

    Our First Grow (CFL) Brainstorm & Lemon Skunk

    :ganjamon: This is my and roommates first grow ever and we would love all the help we can get. This is our set up we have 2 closets we are currently growing out of. The first one we started is just some seeds we had, they are doing well but we started a second grow. The second closet is the...
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