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cfl flowering

  1. rockinchair

    Week 3 Flower?

    This is my first indoor garden. I would like input from the pros as i really dont know if i am ontrack. Is this an average result based on: Day 56, week three on 12/12. 10 23watt cfl mixed(2500k-6500k)
  2. Thunderthys

    Fridge - CFL - Lst!

    Seen a fridge grow box on YouTube.. Had to do it and I'd recommend it for anyone to try.. Great for stealth grows.. Great for a personal supply and the best hobby I've ever tryd.. Turns out its not so hard to grow ur own killer bud.. But if u grew it, it's killer cuz u put 4 months I your life...
  3. R

    First Time Long Time Closet Grow

    greetings cannabis family I have not grown in a closet since my college years and have started two plants at first on a whim but now I am getting back into the swing of things. I am very low on space at the moment and have them both in a small closet sized 36"x20"x72". I am using bag seeds and...
  4. Wolfbuddie

    Wolfbuddie 2nd grow WS and ECQ sept 09

    Widow/Skunk and ECQ 2 seeds of each germinated 9/20/09 peat pellet and warm distilled water Indoor Soil grow. 10" pots Soil 30% Perlite(MG) 30% sphragum peat moss (MG) 40% African violet potting soil. (MG)(for a lower pH) Lights are CFLs and 4 FT flourescents totaling about 20,000...
  5. BSGPa

    First Grow CFL Flowering Since 1/20/09

    Hi everyone, This is my first grow, it started on 12/15/08 just for something to do. Figured i spend enough on my as well try to grow my own.;) Here is my setup: Plants: 2 Unknown Bagseed i think 1 sativa and one more indica Lights: 16 23watt(100equiv) 6500k CFL's on 18/6 for the...
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