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  1. D

    G’day Growers!

    Hello to all and happy new year to all! I have joined this forum to seek guidance and advice from the gurus of the growing community. I currently have a 4 day old seedling which i have a few questions for.This is my first grow so i am a major noob but determined to learn. Its currently growing...
  2. Pat999

    320w CFL info needed - Pretty please

    Good Day, I am looking for some advice, been reading through some CFL related threads on here and just would like some more input. I was growing my setup with a weak 46w, basically two 23's, from which I actually got some bud which I am smoking. I want to upgrade to some bigger lights on...
  3. W

    Abandoned Northern Lights - Stealth PC CFL Grow Case

    Hello :420: community! This is my very first grow so any and all advice is greatly appreciated. First I'll give the specs of my grow case. Dimensions: 22.1" x 9.1" x 20.7" Lighting: 6 x 42-Watt 6500k Daylight Twist CFL Light Bulb Air ventilation: I'm going to be using 120mm pc fans, right now I...
  4. WestSideGrow

    Indoor seedling cfl

    Hello, again 420 members. A quick question, How long (if at all) Can I keep 1 Seedling under a CFL Desk lamp. You see I live in Southern Cali Where the weather has gotten to it's peak of 115 degrees, The sun at a full 12 hours would burn her to a crisp. I will be placing her outside in some...
  5. C

    Abandoned CFL Closet Grow

    Although I have worked on other grows before, this is the first one I have done on my own. Budget was the only thing limiting me in this one but I have plans to grow my set up as well as my plants. I started with four Blue Cheese clones and one Purple Kush [all female] under three 26W CFL bulbs...
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