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cfl or hps

  1. Perfect Sun LED

    Why HPS over CFL?

    Are there benefits one way or the other? Let's find out. First, keep in mind the rule of inverse square law. The lumes you read for say a 400 watt HPS at 50,000 is only for the first foot, because lumes is the foot power of a candle. Every foot after the first gets weaker by 1/4th. So if the...
  2. R

    First grow - need help

    hey guys im planing for my first grow... i want to plant 5 plants ''lowryder 2'' in a loft that is 1.20 height Can i grow in 1,20 height? I want to buy my equipment from hydroponics.eu because it behalf me for many reasons... what lamps i must buy cfl or hps? and how many wats needed for...
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