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  1. H

    Completed First Grow - 340W CFL Tent

    Hello! I have just started my first grow, it started realy bad and 2 of my 3 clones died. Now I still got one and I have planted two bag seeds. I hope this grow log will help me learn even more from you guys :D I have been reading a lot of the stuff on the forum and there realy is some...
  2. WizHigh

    T5 + CFL Question? Switching to MH/HPS

    My plants are in there second week of veg. The medium im using is organic/coco coir. One is in 3L pot and the other in a 1L. Ive been watering them regular but the one explodes with growth everyday. So I have to water that one more then often. Im planning on switching soil to Ocean Forest...
  3. F

    Completed Round 2 - Super Skunk - Bubba Haze and White Berry

    So after the first attempt with the "Caddy Grow Box" we have now moved on to soilless and all homemade lol. We Got 12 clones on January 10th and put them in 3 gallon pots with Promax Hp and perilite presoaked with hydrozyme. Then we put them under 12, 100 watt cool blue cfl and 2 4 foot t8 cool...
  4. TJGrow

    Completed Perpetual Batch Grow - Indoor Hyrdo 4 1K Lights Ebb & Flow

    Greetings and welcome to the TJGrow journal. I'm starting the journal after getting thru most of my setup and build out. I'm writing all this up in the hope of finding a few like minded online grow buddies. I always need a little help and I'm at the point where I can help others. This may not...
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