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  1. D

    CFL or LED?

    Hi, this is the first time that i grow cannabis. I have three plants that are 4 weeks old and i want to put them into flowering stage soon. They are currently sitting under a 200 watt LED grow light. The grow light itself is pretty small and I don't know if it will be able to cover all the...
  2. P

    Grow Light Help

    Alright so first timer here, growing Lowryder 2. I have a CFL 2700K 23W, also a 5000K LED light,then i have a LED Warm White 3000k 10W, and 4 9W LED grow strips. Which would be better growing these plants within the vegative/seedling stage. I have notice my plants being droopy and darker...
  3. D

    DankaTrons Pc Grow Northern Lights Fem Auto 2019

    Hey guys currently 1 week into my grow with my seedling growing strong. Ive got it under a 5500k cfl bulb in a pc box. the seeds were germinated in peat pellets , and transferred into general potting mix. I rushed transplanting the seedling and put it into too big of a pot , i was wondering if...
  4. B

    First grow - Looking for feedback

    I appreciate any feedback. This is my first post and my first grow. Built a 2x2x4 grow box and used cfls. What I’m really curious about is if you all think I’ll get a good yield from these. They hit week 4 of flower tomorrow. How are they looking for week 4? Plants are a Skunk #1 x Skunk #2...
  5. Stirstick

    First Grow DIY Box & Bagseed

    Hey there I have been lurking for a month or so as I start my first attempt at growing. I have been a regular user for 20 years and now with the legalization here in Canada I want to grow my own and save some cash in the long run. Decided to start the grow journal as I'm early on and wanted to...
  6. V

    CFL daylight grew fine, CFL soft light caused burning edges?

    Greetings all, I been growing an auto-feminized strain indoor without any extra nutes, just bottled water and fox farm soil. Was going great. I been using three CFL Daylight 60 watt lights that have a metal cylinder thing (name?) around so it focuses the light... for the first 4-5 weeks...
  7. K

    Is My LST On An Auto Correct? Journal

    I have started growing a sensi skunk auto in my closet, now check this as its the most basic set up you can think of. I got a tent and a 125watt cfl. That's it. Gonna put a little fan soon but don't know about lighting. It's my very first grow just seeing what happens, I'm at about 2 weeks after...
  8. Norris flake

    Norris Flake's Grow Journal, Critical Kush 20% Sativa 80% Indica

    Hi everyone. This is the only forum I've ever joined, on the internet perioid. Can't really get enough advice when it comes to caring for a plant of this importance and use, so thought I'd be safe and pick the minds of the "been there done that" community. So... I've planted a single critical...
  9. 20180607_195935.jpg


    Indica hybrid
  10. 20180604_113624.jpg


    Indica hybrid day 1 week 6 of the flowering period
  11. 20180602_163129.jpg


    Indica hybrid hemofredit sprayed with a reverse fem spray
  12. 20180602_163932.jpg


    Indica hybrid hemofredit sprayed with a reverse fem spray
  13. 20180602_170613.jpg


    Indica hybrid hemofredit sprayed with a reverse fem spray
  14. 20180519_154820.jpg


    Indica hybrid hemofredit
  15. 20180521_142342.jpg


    Indica hybrid hemi
  16. ItsTommyGunnz

    TommyGunnz Tries Green Crack & Pineapple Express

    Hi everyone, Tommy Gunnz is back again to give it another go here in Ireland. I have 10 seeds that I found in some bud that I bought so i'm going to give one a shot and see what happens, not sure if i'm going to do this indoor or outdoor yet seen as this is best time of year to do an outdoor but...
  17. Brassico

    Smallest Flowering Weed Plant Ever!

    This Is the smallest flowering plant i could come up with in some science and looking up this is 100% the smallest flowering weed plant on the planet also need to note there are no post of this nature on this site lets get this seen by all the people in this community share it with ur friends...
  18. P_20180318_043334.jpg


    Fitzgerald 28w T8 lamp
  19. P_20180318_043406.jpg


    Fitzgerald 28w T8 lamp
  20. AJGreenMT

    Tangerine Dream Auto T5/CFL Indoor First Grow

    Hi, new grower here, just experimenting in the basement in a low budget way and hoping for some support. I've been learning as I go, mainly by reading lots of great info from threads on here. I have been meaning to start a journal ever since my seeds first popped but haven't gotten to it...
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