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  1. InhaledFreq

    InhaledFreq 1st documented grow (2nd actual grow) Popcorn bagseed Indoor closet cfl's

    Hello! Thanks for following my first documented grow! :smokin: I have a few pics from my first real grow, I'll show them in the next post. Info about this grow ------------------- Strain: bagseed "Popcorn" from Dallas (mids) Looks to be 100% Indica, or at least Indica Dominate 20...
  2. whatabud

    Whatabud's first grow (soil/cfl/autoflower)

    Thanks for checking out my journal! I successfully germinated 2 feminized easyriders (aka lowryder #2 x ak47, an autoflowering Indica/ Sativa/Runderalis hybrid) about a week ago using the paper towel method. Mary, and Jane, as I call them, are currently in 16oz plastic cups containing fox...
  3. T

    First grow (bag seed)soil/CFL's and florescence 5/2009

    Hi all my first try at a grow. I am growing in soil using florescence for veg and cfl for flowering got flower bloom 15/30/15 every 14 days. Flush it if I see white on top of soil like i see in one pic :) Picked up tips here and there and found alot here i am trying now :) Like low stress...
  4. I


    what up people, new to the site..:ganjamon: i've been burnin for a good number of years for my age, and after putting it off for awhile i've decided to grow for hopefully my first of many times. currently i am 2 weeks into my veg stage. (i plan on keeping everyone updated with pictures and...
  5. I

    First grow: OG kush (the begining)

    strain: OG kush (Indica) stage: veg (17on/7off) Veg. length: 4 days since date of purchase where: Indoor In: soil mix: organic potting soil with natural fertilizers pot size: 2 gallon Light: 100watt cfl @ 1in from plant temp of room: averages about 75f Pests: none (but there is wilting on the...
  6. E

    12/12 cfl

    Bagseed, possibly indica dom 9 cfls in a 45 gallon rubbermaid container They're all in different sized pots at this point This is my second time growing, first time using the 12/12 method. Things seem to be going slowly and the growth I'm getting doesn't seem too substantial but I've heard...
  7. N

    Mystery FIRE Bag Seed (CFL & L.S.T.) Grow

    This mystery plant came from a friend of mine that started it under 1 halogen bulb from seed in his dorm room for about a month and a half. I took it under my wing since I recently just harvested from the same methods - (CFL's & LST) and it has completely blown up in vegetation. I have Fox Farm...
  8. J

    Janx's 1st SOG under CFL's

    I started with 300 seeds and I have culled down to 65 plants right now. I'm just starting to be able to find the males so they can be removed, too. All the materials were scrounged on the cheap and slapped together.
  9. Nudeh

    Nirvana's Papaya 125 W

    Hello there fellow stoners. Let me just intruduce myself, Im 20 years old and from Sweden, and like alot of people on this forum my great passion is growing. Im using this foreign forum instead of a swedish variant because of Mr. Paranoia. If you are having trouble understanding what im typing...
  10. R

    RC's Low-Budget Home Depot and Bagseed grow

    If I can grow a bagseed to a decent harvest on a low budget using only supplies from Home Depot, anyone can! starting out with a 100w (fluorex) CFL (outdoor area light) paid 60$ w/ bulb. 10,500 lumens and 6500k color temp germinating in Jiffy 72 plant greenhouse. transplanting to Lambert...
  11. cloudy01

    First grow, couple questions

    Whats up guys im a big time grow noob and joined up for advice and stuff on my first grow. I currently have 4 germ'd seeds in plastic cups with some miracle grow organic choice soil in there (hope i chose well, we shall find out in a couple days). I currently have em under a lamp which i put a...
  12. P

    PotPie's First Grow - Quest for Indoor Gardening Nollij

    Hi Everyone, I decided to start growing medicine for my wife and wanted to get some firsthand nollij (knowledge, for those of you that are not Calvin & Hobbes fans) of the indoor growing process. I have been getting valuable information from the web for years now but I never really made the...
  13. LadyLiberty

    Full investigation on CFLs lumen output vs wattage vs price

    ok so i have been craving an upgrade to my grow, but first thing i need to settle on is my light. i will be growing in a 1x1 area. yes very small. i was contiplating getting a 100w MH. but decided not to for the money would not be efficiently spent. instead i will settle on multiple cfls my...
  14. BSGPa

    First Grow CFL Flowering Since 1/20/09

    Hi everyone, This is my first grow, it started on 12/15/08 just for something to do. Figured i spend enough on my as well try to grow my own.;) Here is my setup: Plants: 2 Unknown Bagseed i think 1 sativa and one more indica Lights: 16 23watt(100equiv) 6500k CFL's on 18/6 for the...
  15. Buds

    Buds Bagseed Grow #2

    So my first grow was in a closet, and the return was pretty lousy considering time invested, so I am hoping to turn around a batch within 3 months rather than 6 this time. Here's a picture of my new enclosure - you will notice also I have switched to CFL's (1600 lumens each) at least to start...
  16. BSGPa

    Is This Alright

    Hello Everyone, This is my first grow, and i might have a problem. My plants broke soil on 12/15/08, so that would make them 35 days today. Well I transplanted them to 5 gallon buckets on 16th(about 3 days ago). They both were doing great. Now my one got real droopy, and being a parent...
  17. hazyatbest

    spots on leaves, low humidity

    i'm doing a cfl grow, and unfortunately running into some issues: 1) spots on the leaves and 2) low humidity. quick specs: 3 plants, bunch of cfl's, miracle gro time release soil 15-5-10, amongst other things 1) i have brown spots basically covering one leaf(approx. 50%) and a couple...
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