1. G

    Completed Purple Zebra x Columbian Red Point & Durban Bubble x CRP In Hempies LED & CFL 12-12 From Seed

    Growing setup... 32"x48"x60" tent 1 mars300 led 250 watt 2100k fluorescent in wing reflector 192 watts of mixed spectrum 23 watt cfl's Grown in fish aquarium gravel hempies with about 2" of coco/perlite/vermiculite as a cap to start seeds in. Nutes are KISS maxibloom only. Lighting schedule...
  2. PlanetJ

    Completed PlanetJ's Big Tent - LED & CFL - Multi-Strain - Perpetual Flowering

    :welcome: This is my third journal. The grow it will be featuring has been featured in my second grow already, and I will not be recapping that part. The part you are missing is the first month of veg for the big tent, and the only month of veg for the small tent. You do not miss anything...
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