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cfm requirement

  1. eddieo

    Which size CFM carbon filter do I need?

    Hey smokers! I'm currently on my first grow here are a few details about my indoor grow. *Grow tent 60x60x160 *intake fan 5" 280m3/hr *exhaust fan 5" 380m3/hr *400W hps/mh bulb *Hydroponics DWC *OG Kush ONE Plant The grow is about 6 weeks, going good so far been growing without a...
  2. G

    Newbie: Money isn't a problem - Noise is

    Hey, trying to set up premier conditions with the following: Up until a couple hours ago I had no flower tent and had an 8" fan (carbon filter + silencer) in there, but am going to return them because it sounds like a jet engine in there, even with the silencer. I know more air flow is...
  3. G

    Air cooling 3 lights in a new room. Help/thoughts appreciated!

    Hey all, I have been cruising around the forum for a while and finally decided to get in on the conversation. I am a new medical grower on my fourth go around. I am moving soon into my own house and get a full 7.25x 13 room to use for my meds. In the PNW so temps are pretty steady. Planning...
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