1. TheGrowerOfDank

    Ventilation help!

    First timer here! I need help with a couple things for my ventilation system. The tent I’m getting needs an extractor fan that’s 130cfm or about 220 m3/h, whilst im in the vegetative stage will I need to have my extractor and intake fan on a lower cfm?
  2. M

    First Grow Box - Did I chose proper parts for my kit?

    Hey guys, recently i wanted to just buy a pre-kit from a grow shop for my first grow but then people told me that if I made the kit myself i would pay way less (which makes sense). So i did lots of research in the last couple of days and came up with this. Would be really grateful if some...
  3. D

    New tent setup

    Hey, figured this is the place to ask a question, seeing how every growing related search ends up on these forums. I'm about to purchase my first tent and just wanted to make sure i'm heading in the right direction. I left brand out as im not sure how important that is. Looking at running 5...
  4. C

    Abandoned Colt45's Waterfarm/Soil GDP Grow Journal - 2017

    Hello, everyone! This is my first grow. My setup is; Hydrohut - Silver Edition Hut 4.5X4.5 Continental Fan In-Line Duct Fan 6 Inch, 308 CFM Can-Lite Carbon Filter 6 inch - 600 CFM Two Clip on Hurricane Fans 600W MH - Apollo / 1000W HPS Eye Hortilux 600W/1000w Quantum dimmable ballasts...
  5. C

    Going back from Mars LEDs to HPS - Questions

    Hi everyone ive decided to swap back to hps rather than my leds ( 2 300w and 1 600w mars 5w white models). This is due to the heat these units give off in my 1m area , watts used (580w actual draw roughly) and lack of spread/penetration. I had already upgraded the fans in all lights with units...
  6. H

    CFM fans and tents

    Hello everyone I'm struggling to get my head round how much air, and how often needs to be extracted from the tent That i have on ordered Please could someone link me the forum post or be kind enough To explain the equation to me. Tent dim are 240x120x200 I think my fan is 175m3/he ...
  7. S

    Carbon filter - How oversized can I go?

    Hi everyone. New member here who is also new to gardening let alone indoor gardening. With great hope and excitement, I'll be able to throw some seeds into some coco coir that I've been purchasing from Attitude. I might have gotten a little overboard on selection, but there was giddyness in...
  8. C

    Help! Acceptable 2x4x5 Tent Setup?

    Beginner looking for a little feedback. All is appreciated, Here is the preliminary plan: 4x2x5 Vivosun Tent ($83) Mars Hydro Reflector LED 144 ($285) Phresh 701255 Intake Filter, 4-Inch by 6-Inch, 140 CFM ($57) Hydroplanet Duct Booster Exhaust Fan, 4-inch 100 CFM ($20) Planning to grow-...
  9. D

    Exhaust fan position

    Ok so I've done 4 grows now and found that my light is being to dispursed in the grow area as its to big for my lights. So to fix this I bought a grow tent. 6x6x5 my questions is this. I have a 325 cfm inline fan should I put it blowing fresh air into the tent or suckling older air out of the...
  10. F

    Abandoned 12/12 From Seed Experiment

    This is just an experimental run, just wanna see how it goes. :) Seeds: bag seed Grow space: 2ft x 3ft Grow medium: black gold coco blend Soil amendments: Dr earth flower girl, dolomite lime, and blood meal. Nutes: earth juice grow, earth juice catalyst, earth juice microblast, earth...
  11. TorturedSoul

    Cheap Fan/Blower >270CFM Through Carbon Filter?

    I won't be able to purchase one for a while, but does anyone know of a cheap(!) fan or blower that can move at least 270 CFM through the restriction of a carbon filter and moderate associated ducting? 6" or 4" only, please. Thanks!
  12. ßudzilla

    Ventilation questions

    I'm not so sure I'm really understanding the ventilation/CFM calculation. I'm using a 2x2x4 tent and according to the LxWxH calc. I would only need a fan rated for 16 CFM, which just seems absurdly low. I have this tent set up in my basement which is unfinished and more or less an open layout...
  13. G

    Inline Fan & Filter Pairing

    Hey All, Thank you for this site and all the knowledge to be found within. I have a 25cf tent, with a 300 watt LED (185 true watts) I was looking at a 4" inline fan (170 cfm) which I was going to get a filter with similar cfm (200) I was planning on hooking that to a variable speed controller...
  14. M

    DIY LED Grow Box - First time grower

    Hi, I am building an LED grow box. I've done a bunch of research and reading but I wanted to see what experienced growers thought of my plans. -I'll be using the shell of an old AV rack. It doesn't' have a front or back but I Will cover the back with 1/2" plywood and the front with cabinet...
  15. M

    Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my plants?

    Anyone got any idea what is wrong with my plants. Just changed from compact CFL to 300W MH This problem also seemed to occur with the last MH I had in here Temp is around 80.6 humidity 44-50% 11.5 f (l) x 4.5 (w) x 8.5 (h) is the dimensions of room Have 347 CFM 6 Inch outgoing fan thru...
  16. C

    1 week into bloom - Any advice?

    Hey guys I'm 1 week into bloom with with 4 different strains, I. Bulk x2, WWxBB x2, Champions Cheese and 2 Super Skunk, any advice would be welcomed, I'll post some pictures later. TENT - 240 x 240 x 240 - secret jardin CF - Rhino pro 880 CFM Rhino pro Fan - 1080 CFM 20 liter root nurses...
  17. R

    Will a 1000 watt light mh/has enough for my space

    Hey guys I am currently building g a room with my Bros under the stairs into the basement. The room is 8' along back wall 3' deep from the door and 8 ' high ( roughly...part is under the stairs so one side has a slope on it.) We plan to do autos in there for the most part so height on that one...
  18. Happyjoy

    6" bathroom vent 170 cfm, vs 5" inline fan 150 cfm?

    hey there everyone. im trying to improve my grow space after adding a 400w hps to the room(only had a 96x3 led till now, now theyre both together). temps are getting 86f during day, and 60 at night during lights off. the room is 2x3x5(height), and i have a simple bathroom type of vent. the...
  19. P

    Abandoned Phenom's Babysitting Duties

    Hi all and welcome to my first experiance of a real life cannabis plant. I'll start with the basics of my new setup. 0.5m x 0.5m x 1ml tall black orchid tent. Lighting is supplied by a Mars hydro 400w LED unit 4" carbon filter and 105 cfm fan Temps have settled nicely at 25 and RH is 55%...
  20. B

    Is My Carbon Filter Working Properly?

    Ok guys, I have a Phresh 400 CFM carbon filter attached to a 420 CFM CanFan that only gets run about half speed. The thing is that the filtered air has an odd smell that I would describe as yeasty with a fruity hint. Is this normal? I am wondering if perhaps my ducting has holes and is drawing...
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