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    MrMeeSeeks Mars Hydro Reflector CGE grow

    So figured id post on this forum have the journal started on grasscity will be updating on both. I'm doing a CGE grow with a 18 sq ft scrog setup 4 plants. Make my own variation of subcool duper soil amended richer than his. Using 6 mars hydro reflector series lights for a total of 1242 watts...
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    Spider Mites! Best Solution

    This is my first grow so its a steep learning curve for me. I have a small CGE garden with a handful of Sour D plants in 1 gallon pots They all seem to be healthy and doing well but i should have recognized the occasional speckled leaves. A few leaves here or there would die on me but i assumed...
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    First Time Grow Room

    Just looking to see if i'm heading in the right direction. The following is my setup. 10'L x 10'W x 9'H Room 4' x 4' Grow area 16 Air Pots (start with 1 gal transplant to 3 gal) Coco Medium/Hand Watering CGE 1.5 Ton Mini Split 4 - 20" DE Non-Air Cooled Reflectors 4 - 240v Switchable...
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