1. Ron Strider

    FL: Medical Marijuana License Approved For Miami-Dade Nursery

    After a failed attempt at removing the judge from the case, state health officials have agreed to grant a coveted medical-marijuana license to Keith St. Germain Nursery Farms, a Homestead-based grower. The new license brings the number of medical marijuana operators in the state to 13, and five...
  2. Agemon

    Completed The Red Cup!

    For those of you looking to join in, follow along, or just chime in, we are headed for maximum yield in a not so standard container. We are using clones in 18 oz solo cups with no more than 4 drainage holes, your soil of choice, your nutrients of choice, your strain of choice. We are going to...
  3. K

    Belize: Constitutional Challenge In The Making To Decriminalize Marijuana?

    Belize City, Mon. Sept. 12, 2016 — Today, a man who was charged with drug trafficking after police busted him with 119.2 grams of cannabis was allowed to plead down to the lesser charge of possession. Lusby Martinez, 32, was busted by the police's Mobile Interdiction Team (MIT) on Friday...
  4. R

    Minnesota Medical Marijuana Backers Challenge Initiative Rejection

    Backers of a ballot measure to allow people with serious medical conditions to use marijuana want to overturn the secretary of state's rejection of the initiative. Secretary of State Shantel Krebs' office announced the challenge Thursday. Krebs said last month that supporters didn't turn in...
  5. L

    Abandoned The First Grow - Advice Welcome!

    Hi guys, L420 here! Me and my friend decided it was time to start growing the wonderful green stuff. :circle-of-love: Well, I say that but it's more of an experiment/challenge at the moment! My friend challenged me to a grow off if you like.. However we had to use the bare minimum. A lamp, some...
  6. jandre2k3

    Completed The Challenge: Cardboard Flowering Box

    Okay, okay... I know what you're thinking CARDBOARD?!?! Yes, cardboard. Not just ANY cardboard mind you, an especially strong and less porous cardboard called Hexacomb. Great stuff. I sat inside of the main flower box this morning and no crushing happened. I'm 200+ lbs and nothing...
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