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  1. Ron Strider

    NJ: Marijuana On The Menu At Chamber Of Commerce Breakfast

    The possible legalization of marijuana for recreational use in New Jersey is one of the biggest issues Gov.-elect Phil Murphy plans to pursue after he takes office on Jan. 16, 2018. Questions swirl around it. When could it be legal? How would one get into growing and selling marijuana? Where...
  2. Ron Strider

    Medical Use Of Cannabis Officially Legal In Poland

    Under the new regulations, cannabis from imported plants can be used to make prescription drugs at Polish pharmacies. This kind of medicine will, however, have to be first registered with the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products. The Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber said that...
  3. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Gets All Dressed Up And Rides The Elevator To The Top Floor

    A tidal wave of establishment money is poised to crash over the state's cannabis industry, overtaking the advocates who spent decades eroding prohibition. That was my takeaway after attending a marijuana industry panel hosted by the Smith, Costello & Crawford Public Policy Law Group on Friday...
  4. L

    Pax3 vs The Mighty

    I'm on my 2nd Pax3. The 1st one was working great, but I put concentrate in the special chamber, and the chamber locked up in the end of my vaporizer. Anyway, I've been ready about The Mighty, and are wanting to get one. They are $$$ but I got the fever. How does it compare as far as pulls on...
  5. GrowGladiator

    Beginner, Coco, LED, Scrog Grow

    Hi my name is William, April 2017 I have just started my first grow and I have found this community forum to be a great help towards the planning of my grow, Thank you, My grow is 120x80x160 (3x2x5) Fans - Rhino 5 inch fan + carbon filter, a 5 inch inline intake fan with filter. 9...
  6. A

    How to use a dry herb vaporizer pen

    Learn how to fill and use your dry herb vaporizer smoking steps as follows: Steps 1: Choose the fresh dry herbs(weed), ensure it's not get mildewed, high quality herbs can give you more pure vapor. Steps 2: Use a grinder to break down herbs/weed, you can use small plastic herb grinder...
  7. K

    CA: Cannabis Chamber Of Commerce Reaches 50 Members

    Eureka, Calif. - The President of the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce says since they first started in May they have reached their initial goal of 50 members. "We are happy that we had this idea and we heard that people needed this sort of business resources in the community and people responded...
  8. PurpleGunRack

    Best dry herb vape pen

    Hi 420! What's your favorite vape pen for dry herb and why? I have a Yocan 94F, but I'm looking for a pen with a heating chamber in stead of a coil. :Namaste:
  9. K

    CA: Cannabis Chamber Of Commerce Operating In Humboldt County

    As the business community's enchantment with marijuana continues the growth in cannabis-entrepreneurs continues to fuel a "green rush." "It's heating up and the momentum is growing," explained Allison Edrington over a latte at a coffee shop in Fortuna. "Cannabis entrepreneurs need a good...
  10. M

    DIY LED Grow Box - First time grower

    Hi, I am building an LED grow box. I've done a bunch of research and reading but I wanted to see what experienced growers thought of my plans. -I'll be using the shell of an old AV rack. It doesn't' have a front or back but I Will cover the back with 1/2" plywood and the front with cabinet...
  11. R

    CA: Chamber Solicits Input On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

    The Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce is soliciting public opinion regarding medical marijuana dispensaries with a survey. The chamber sent the survey out to their email subscribers, and they also put the survey link on their Facebook. Questions ranged from, "Should medical marijuana facilities...
  12. Will99

    DIY Drying Box

    Hey Guys Just wanted to show you my drying box/chamber I made, Its made from a chest of draws and lined with cardboard, I made it preety airtight and added 2 80mm pc fans (Intake/Outtake) with filters over them (stop dust/bugs getting in) Let me know what you think and...
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