1. M

    Change lights on timing

    New to the scene. Working on my first grow. I have four seedlings, sprouted about seven days ago. I have them on an 18/6 cycle, 6am-12am. I've read that running lights during "off peak" times is cheaper and will save a few bucks in the long run. If there's any truth to that, I want to go from...
  2. J

    RDWC help

    Hello I'm just finishing of my last grow and looking for a change ATM I'm running 4 424 nfts im not really getting on with nft and fancy a change so was thinking of rdwc so 1 can I run a water chiller of the res 2 best nutes for dwc any tips and advise
  3. D

    RDWC Scrog automate workload?

    Hey 420 family! Am sitting here thinking about RDWC and Scroging plants, i personal just bring one 5 gallon bucket, back and fort to my tub and change water. But if you Scrog you will have a big net in the way. Almost locking the plant in place. How do people change water? My first idea to...
  4. Ron Strider

    Does Marijuana Stand A Chance With New DEA Chief

    Pot is gaining acceptance legally and across society, but don't expect the Drug Enforcement Administration to change when President Donald Trump announces his pick to run the agency, experts said. The government arm that runs the "War on Drugs" has never been hip to hemp, but experts say a...
  5. C

    Auto's preflowers

    Hi all, I've had preflowers on one of my lady's now for about 5 days when can I expect a change and for to kick of into flowering? Thanks
  6. Ron Strider

    CO: Marijuana Rules Could Come To Fort Collins Voters, Again

    After a five-year hiatus, marijuana might once again be part of a Fort Collins election. The City Council on Tuesday is scheduled to consider placing a measure on the Nov. 7 ballot asking voters if the council may make changes to city regulations on marijuana without votes of the people...
  7. R

    Just want to change username if possible

    help admin have some pics to post but dont want to post them under this user name if at all posible can i change my user name please to something more stealthy. regards Dan
  8. Ron Strider

    CA: Hemp And Cannabis Fair Takes Hit From Location Change

    The Hemp and Cannabis fair was forced to find a new location last minute. The plan was to have it at the Shasta District Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday, but the contract was canceled Wednesday night. Director Naomi Forkash said the change in location hurt the turnout. She said they...
  9. Ron Strider

    Utah Could Soon Allow Farmers To Start Growing Hemp

    The Utah Department of Agriculture & Food could soon start allowing farmers across the state to begin growing hemp for research purposes. The department's Agricultural Advisory Board on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to a rule change that would allow farmers to grow marijuana in Utah, if...
  10. Ron Strider

    What Would Happen If New Zealand Legalized Cannabis

    Peter Dunne, the bespectacled politician in the bow-tie, was the unlikely hero of drug reform. In May, the Associate Health Minister ventured that "some, if not all" class C drugs should be reclassified and regulated. Outraged cries of "Minister for Stoners" were conspicuous by their...
  11. P

    Light temperature ratio importance during flowering?

    Hey all, Pakman here. So I'm working towards flowering 3-4 small plants in a clone tent. My plan was to use 30x 'household' led light bulbs, 20x 2700k 950lm and 10x 6000k 1000lm. We didn't stock the 6000k so they were put on back order, 2 weeks ago.... Contacted the supplier, they're not...
  12. S

    Changing lighting time

    i need to change my light times to night for temperature reasons , but i got 3 girls 3 weeks into flower can i change it or not ?? thanx for any help
  13. Detsback

    Username change

    I too would like to change my username to Mr, Sampson for security reasons. Thought i should delete my journal over again with a different alias but looks like this is a much more simple option.
  14. P

    Fungus gnat in DWC?

    Noticed last night little gnat like bugs flying out of my res during change. They are 52 days old (13 days into bloom nutes). pH and ppm have been steady throughout grow with res temps ranging in low 70s. Every res change at 7-10 days it gets hydroguard and Z7 with additional boost of Z7 every...
  15. dieselskunk

    Too late for colloidal silver?

    I discovered I had all female plants growing but I had hoped for a male to get seeds to save. So reading around I discovered colloidal silver could change a female to a male. My girls were just putting out hairs so I sprayed the smallest plant for the swap. Week 2 and it still looks female...
  16. B

    Profile Name Change

    Can someone help me change my profile name please? I am obviously a total newb and lacking in creativity, so I will take anything that isn't my real name :thumb:
  17. Pinktiger777

    How do you fill and change your ebb and flow reservoirs?

    My grow space is far from outside. And midway thru my first grow, I need to change water. I know, I should have thought about this ahead of time. LOL. I ordered an aquarium clean and fill system by Python, but I wondered, before I do that: Is there a simple way to get the old water out, clean...
  18. gbauto

    And You Wonder Why Change Isn't Happening

    Dear Gary, Thank you for contacting to express your support for efforts to legalize marijuana. I appreciate your thoughts on this issue. While I understand your arguments, I do not believe that legalizing marijuana would improve the illegal drug situation already facing our state and...
  19. Katelyn Baker

    Bill Would Change Testing For Marijuana DUI In Nevada

    Proponents of a bill to change forensics tests for drivers suspected of being high on marijuana told the Nevada Assembly Judiciary Committee on Friday that the proposed law is more scientifically accurate. Assembly Bill 135 would eliminate urine tests for marijuana and change the marijuana...
  20. Katelyn Baker

    2017 Virginia Cannabis Conference

    The 2017 Virginia Cannabis Conference got off to an early morning start, with the motivated group of marijuana reform advocates who had gathered at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Downtown Richmond ready to take on the world.... or at least the Commonwealth. This group's goal was to learn how to...
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