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  1. JimmyJames905

    Charcoal filters - How good are they?

    I recently tried to use my 12+ year old filter only to find the fan is fried and the charcoal is possibly depleted. (Update...purchased in 1994 and uses "scent crystals" not activated charcoal) So on to eBay I went and purchased a 4" inline fan with 4"x20" charcoal canister. The canister is...
  2. MisterPeabody

    DIY Carbon High Flo Filter - 30 bucks

    First, thanks have to go out to Sungod. As soon as I seen his, I knew I could do something with this design. My cab is for the most part a passive cabinet. I'm constantly pulling air through it. There are 3 passive air inlets, and the way it's designed, blower and filtering device are both...
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