1. LiveAndLetGro

    Completed Here We Grow Again: LALG's 2018 4x4 DWC LED

    Here we grow a"grin" :cool027: Strain: Charlie Sheen aka Tigers Blood (photo, 183 days old), Purple Express Auto's, that's all, for now. Setup: DWC in a 4x4x8 Gorilla Grow Tent, 2x20 gallon totes, 6'' carbon filter and fan for exhaust, Temp controlled room Lighting: 2x600 watt Viparspectra...
  2. R

    When Medical Marijuana Is Difficult To Access, 'Street Pharmacists' Are Some Patients

    As I wandered down Nostrand Avenue looking for the right building, he stood in the middle of the busy sidewalk, raised his left hand high, and waved in my direction. "I'm right here!" he said. He greeted me with a firm handshake and a wide smile. Charlie, who asked that we refer to him...
  3. C

    Hello Everyone- Back again and starting over

    Hi there everyone. I am a current grower. I am starting my growing adventure from a new start. I use to live in Oakland and use to grow on a massive level, when I say that I was growing around 275 plants at a time with a harvest every month. I kept everything in a rotation to keep it producing...
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