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  1. tryan2grow1

    Tryan2grow1 - DWC - White Widow AF - LED Mars-Hydro Reflector 96

    Here we go team. Today two White Widow Auto Flowers were put to germinate. This grow is in my 20X36X60 tent. These plants shall grow in bubbles in 5gal buckets armed with each it's own air pump. The tent has two fans and a weather station along with a ventilation fan and filter of the 6 inch...
  2. goofyfoot

    Autos - 3rd Time's A Charm

    Howdy All 420 People Just figured I would try and record some grow stuff as I start up with a winter time grow. My third time with Autoflowers and really grown to like them. The fact that they are starting to bust out pistils in3 weeks is crazy. Also being able to chop at more likely 75 to 85...