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  1. ondercuver

    Stoner moment - Stoner scientist - Or just a mistake? Ca uptake chart

    So bear with me I have some cal def problems with one of my plants, I know it's my fault and I've taken corective measures that actually work . While researching the problems and solutions I keep on finding a few PH nutrient absorption charts that are contradictory This is in regards...
  2. M

    Need help diagnosing new issue

    First timer here. Started plant in Mid-August. Outdoor grow in pot Hot humid climate I figure the its been in Flower for 8 weeks. Been using Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Bloom A & B per chart Also using King Kola per chart Plant was doing great until a few days ago when I noticed spots on...
  3. Y

    Please I need help

    Why is this a problem? STRAIN : WHITE WIDOW seed start : 15days ago grow system :RDWC GROW LED : 300WATT REAL nutrient :DYNAGRO Should I START a nutrient solution? If you have a DYNA GRO feeding chart for RDWC in addition to the CHART, give it to me PLEASE HELP
  4. P

    RSO while on Duragesic - Fentanyl

    Hi everyone, Do you from pervious experiences have knowledge on the use of Duragesic ( fentanyl) a synthetic morphine pain medicine. My friend is hoping to lower the doses of the Duragesic as she increases the dose of the RSO. She neither wants to have pain, nor respiratory failure. Because...
  5. A

    Driver Matching Chart

    I am not aware if any has shared this chart prepared by another member for DIY lights with options of drivers, cob, voltages, amps etc. If it has been sorry for duplicating, if not glad to share. it helped me make choices easier. enjoy
  6. C

    What To Use

    strain - unknown autofem mix x 5 grow type - soil grow stage- 51 days old after popping from soil set up - 7 gallon fabric pots lights - LED and CFL (2- Mars 300W)(2- 150W UFO)(2- 45W & 2 -70W CFL) 6" Inline fan w/ 6" Carbon air filter reduced to 4" exhaust pipe Small Oscillating fan...
  7. K

    This DEA Tweet Accidentally Reveals One Of The Big Arguments For Legalizing Marijuana

    The Drug Enforcement Administration heads the nation's drug war. As part of that, it's done a lot to push messaging that marijuana is dangerous – at times struggling to admit that pot isn't as dangerous as heroin. On Tuesday, the DEA's Twitter account put out a chart making the case for why...
  8. B

    Any ideas what I am dealing with here?

    So I just switched to 12/12 and switched from grow to bloom, well the transition suggested amounts of GH Flora drain to waste chart (half of the chart recommendation as I always have) and for the 1st time I am getting bright yellow in the new growth, and what looks like a calmag deficiency. Help!
  9. K

    Male or female seeds - Is this true?

    So i was researching seeds and came across a chart that showed female seeds have a round end called a volcano and male seeds dont have the circular indent but have more of a protrusion...sounds funny but was wondering how accurate this info was....made a mistake on my last order and ordered...