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    Indie Grower's First Ever Grow In Closet: White Widow Auto In Regular Garden Soil, 50W LED Bulb, Advice Always Appreciated

    Hello and Namaste for stopping by. I have been doing a lot of research on this site and have prepared a poor closet set-up with a 50W LED Bulb and some high quality garden soil. My White Widow seeds have germinated, planted in a plastic pot and now our girl "Bliss" is 5 days old so I decided...
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    Cheap & Stealthy Attempt In Soil - Royal Creamatic 2017

    Hi everyone on 420mag, this is my very first post here, I've only been reading journals since now. I'm gonna explain what I am working on: I've always been very passionate about growing and this is my first attempt with autoflowering cannabis. Even though I had/have a very low budget, I still...
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    First time grower here! Seems my plant has defied some serious laws of growing!

    STRAIN : ??? Deathstar OG or White Widow/Bubba Kush cross?? explained later! AGE : Birthday Sept 13th (Vegged 2 1/2 months, and has been flowering near 3 weeks.) ISSUES : Had to rebuild grow unit 3 times, moved the plant multiple times, disrupted the night and day cycle twice, and had to...