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cheap indoor grow

  1. StonedGypsy

    StonedGypsy's 3D Printed Low Budget DIY Clone Tent

    Hi, Welcome to my latest adventure in farming...This is the place to be for 3D printed farming implements for DIY'ers and those wishing to save a few bux here n there. I found a need for many things once I started growing...so instead of merely buying them I decided to try to design them myself...
  2. A

    Prep & Build Journal for Attic Indoor Grow - Using 400W HPS & Soil Medium

    Hello future friends and collaborators! I've become familiar with seeking needed information here, and excited to share my journey as I attempt my first indoor grow! Here are a few pics of the raw space I am dedicating for this adventure: Plan to have an enclosed structure...
  3. E

    Door ideas for home made grow box

    I'm in the process of building a home made grow box. Its going to be fairly simple soil grow set up. Using CFLs and no vetalation at first(once i get some cash i will install intake and outtake fans with home made carbon filter.) I need ideas on diffrent types of doors that allow easy...
  4. T

    scored some $25 400w HIDs/w ballast. will they work?

    ok so im working on my first indoor grow here and i scored SEVERAL 400W 110V/220V/Multi-tap HID high bay lights for $25.00 each.my question is are these going to work for what i want? thanks in advance for your responses.
  5. M

    Cheap(unnoticeable) Indoor Grow?

    i just moved from California to Washington, and when i was in cali i had my medical marijuana card so it wasnt hard for me to grow at all. now i live in washingon, and dont want to stop growing but its gotta be on the DL. My dad is all for me doing it and for paying for it. does anyone know how...
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