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  1. L

    Hello from Montreal! I am new!

    Hi, I am Kim. I am a CBD consumer and I want eventually to grow my own plant and do my own oil. :) cheers
  2. H

    Haloplanter returns..green thumbs for all

  3. Pyr0

    Hopping bug - Should I be worried?

    Hi all, So I've got a few of these things on my plants, outdoors in a small plastic greenhouse. If I try to catch them, they hop to another leaf, and make a click sound. Will they damage my girls or will they eat my pests. cheers Pyr0
  4. O

    Newbie from Africa

    Hello everyone, I am 36 yrs old newbie Hope learn a lot and enjoy being around you guys. Cheers
  5. J

    Is this a hermie?

    Is this a hermie? Loads of big calyxes, but no buds forming, unlike the plant in the background. Day 79 UK greenhouse grow. Cheers.
  6. Archiweedies

    Greeting from Socal

    New here, just wanted to say hi! I read some of OS64's grow journals on here and I knew this was the best place to learn this art. Cheers!
  7. K

    Haze Xtreme

    Hey all Has anyone grown the haze extreme? I just picked up a packet of them and am curious how it worked out for you. Ease of growing, yield, anything else? Cheers!
  8. F

    One big tent or 2 small ones

    Hi i have enough room for either a 2x1x2 or would i be better having two 1x1x2? Cheers
  9. weblock420

    Hi from the UK

    Hi 420! Great community you have here :) Ive joined a few recently as i'm a n00b grower but a long time smoker of 30 years and you're place definitely looks like one of the more active forums. Looking forward to reading and learning a lot from the pro's in here and hopefully in time...
  10. Doobysauras

    Dooby's First Grow - Outdoor Stealth - Unknown Strain - 2016

    Hi everyone, new fella here! Been reading for a little while and decided to make a start. Sorry for lack of info, no technical efforts are being made in this attempt due to disagreements with close relations regarding this activity. This here is my first attempt of getting something to take...
  11. K

    My First Grow Room

    Today i was setting up my first grow room. i've been wanting to do this for a while now, and finally im doing it. My set up: 4 - 10gal Smartpot 3 - 20gal Smartpot 1 - 1000watt Ipower hps light 6 - Auto Great White Shark 1 - Auto hindu kush - Today was a clean up day and mixing the...
  12. C

    Need opinion

  13. Slenderman

    Brain Zaps?

    Hey guys, I was just curious...has anyone here had brain zaps triggered because of blazing? Cheers!