cheese big buddha

  1. Buddha cheese main cola.jpg

    Buddha cheese main cola.jpg

    Harvested Buddha cheese top cola
  2. IMG-20180926-WA0004.jpeg


    Cheese buy Big Budda seeds. After a quick trim.
  3. urmom

    Completed Urmom's New Indoor Medical Garden

    Hello, again... Its been a crazy couple of years and I have been away from the forums since 2013 I think...I have completed some pretty epic indoor and outdoor grows since I moved back home and the summer 2015 outdoor grow was amazing! We had about 12 beautiful sativa phenos that all finished...
  4. DubVitals

    Abandoned Big Buddha Cheese 125w CFL / 400w HPS

    Hello this is my third grow, just purchased 2 new bulbs a 125w and a 400w Sunmaster duel spectrum HPS. I will be growing 3 plants only on this run. SOIL: Canna Terra Professional + 20% extra perlite added. NUTES: Bio Bizz Grow + Bloom WATER: Standard tap water (always worked good for me)...
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