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  1. ddGreenThumb

    DdGreenThumb's Indoor Medium Candy Cream Grow Journal, 2018

    Hello all! I'm a new member in the community and have been somewhat keeping personal logs of my grows, but I really wanted to do one from start to finish here in the forum. I'm sure I'll do this incorrectly at first, so edits are likely to come. The Details Seed/Medium Information: Seed ...
  2. ddGreenThumb

    New Grower - A quest to perfect the art of growing

    Hey guys! I'm a new grower, about 2 months into this wonderful world of growing cannabis. Like most newbies I've been forum surfing and article hopping in an effort to devour as much knowledge as possible to ensure my girls grow healthy, happy, and strong! I'm a bit of an experimentally driven...
  3. The 160 Jungle.JPG

    The 160 Jungle.JPG

    Welcome to the Jungle we got fun and games
  4. Remo Nugtrients.JPG

    Remo Nugtrients.JPG

    Here is the smallest outer branches
  5. OlgaVHope.JPG


    Let's get ready to rumble
  6. Olga Bends Over 160.JPG

    Olga Bends Over 160.JPG

    Naughty little shit!
  7. Olga Behaves.JPG

    Olga Behaves.JPG

    Got her tied up and she is ready to go
  8. HH5 160.JPG

    HH5 160.JPG

    she is turning purple
  9. HH4 160.JPG

    HH4 160.JPG

    Back in the tent
  10. HH3 160.JPG

    HH3 160.JPG

    Here is the big colas on her
  11. HH2 160.JPG

    HH2 160.JPG

    The stack of Hippy
  12. HH1 160.JPG

    HH1 160.JPG

    Top HH
  13. The BigOnes.JPG

    The BigOnes.JPG

    Big nug profile shots
  14. Hairy Hippy145.JPG

    Hairy Hippy145.JPG

    She's not going to have dense nugs
  15. Big C.JPG

    Big C.JPG

    An expanded view of the 3 finger nug
  16. 145 Ascent.JPG

    145 Ascent.JPG

    The canopy incline
  17. 3 Finger Bag.JPG

    3 Finger Bag.JPG

    Cheese1 is a Beast!
  18. IMG_1698.JPG


    Purple warning!
  19. IMG_1693.JPG


    and the other corner
  20. IMG_1680.JPG


    Looks like the forest from a plane flying low!
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