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  1. Demon42069

    Week 5 Flower - Berry Bomb - Cotton Candy - Blueberry Gum - Strawberry Cheesecake

    Good evenin everybody Been gone for a while, lost my internet for a while but recently got it back, still no cable though:Namaste: guess my wiring cant handle it. Just switched to sprint unlimited plan as well so no more 2gb allotments. Anyways, no one missed much with my last grow...
  2. ptk2k

    Why does my Sativa dominant plant look extremely Indica?

    hey all! so i've been growing a Strawberry Cheesecake (70% indica) right next to a Sativa Des Rois (AK-47 pheno, 75% sativa) about day 50 from seed. And the AK pheno looks insaneeeely indica. Like prehistoric indica haha. On the other hand, the strawberry cheesecake looks as expected, like a...