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  1. Schnookie

    Schnookie's Mars Hydro TS-600: Sprout, Veg, Auto 2x2

    HEY y'all I finally got the 2x2 tent out of the closet and set up for preparing new plants and keeping the lights on longer for autos. It's obviously not huge so only a few plants at a time, but this works as the 32" tent then becomes my flower tent solely which is what I had planned before...
  2. Schnookie

    Schnookie's 3rd Round: Auto & Photo, CBD & THC, Blueberry, Jack Herer, Blue Ace, Ice Cool

    These have been FAST to get here. I dropped the seeds into cups of filtered water on Saturday. Sunday I put them in soaked but not dripping paper towels after they had sunk. Monday Blueberry (BB, photo) and Ice Cool (IC, CBD photo) were put into soaked and drained soil mix (bunch of stuff...
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