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  1. After Wet Trim

    After Wet Trim

    Grown naturally with a primary cola.
  2. Before Wet Trim

    Before Wet Trim

    I trimmed this in about an hour and does it ever smell sweet!
  3. zeroday

    ZeroDay's 2019 Holiday Grow: North Thunderfuck, 4 Assed Monkey, Skywalker OG & Chemdogging, Traditional Soil & HighBrix, Photos & Autos

    Once again, Welcome to another one of my Grow Journals!!! This time around I'll be mixing things up somewhat. I'll be growing four different strains, in two different types of medium, 3 different types of lights, two different nute systems, and finally, I'll be throwing the bud washing...
  4. P

    Which nutrients - Hard & soft water nutes

    Critical kush - lsd - blueberry and cheesedog(exedus cut x chemdog)
  5. Emilya

    Emmie's Breeder's Run: Chemdog IBL BP#6 x Blowfish F2 By Santero

    For my next strain I am going to bring in an impossible to obtain breeder's line to my journals. Bred by Santero in Germany at the end of last year, these seeds are expected to produce some extraordinary marijuana. The cross is as follows, with strain information below. You are free to look...
  6. M

    Medicus420's 1st Grow - GHS Chemdog - Soil - CFL - DIY Grow Box - 2015

    Dear Growers, I am 'Medicus' a new user to growing our beloved plant, but an old user stalking and being fascinated by your grow journals. The time has finally come and I'm very exited to be part of your family. I hope we have a great journey together. Without bothering you more with 'talking'...
  7. kraw420

    Kraw420's First 420 Magazine Grow Log 2014 - 1 Tent - Dual 600's and a Bloombox

    What is up 420MAG community. You know, this website really is an amazing place, its a community, an endless vault of information and bud porn. I mean, what more do you want!? I have been a long time visitor, reader, learner, creeper, stalker, whatever, but first time recording and posting a...
  8. P

    GHS Chemdog - Jack Herer - Damn Sour - Guerilla Grow - Summer 2014

    Ok here we go, I currently have a set of Greenhouse Seeds strains outdoors, and germing 2 more at the moment. 1 x Chemdog 1 x Damn Sour 3 x Jack Herer The Chemdog is approx 3 weeks from popping the soil (I have no idea) and residing outdoors in a 10L pot with miracle grow potting...
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