1. W

    The Effects of Chemical Relaxers in Hair Drug Testing

    Interesting (very) study from the Journal of Analytical Toxicology on the effects of chemical relaxers in hair drug testing: Influence of Chemical Straightening on the Stability of Drugs of Abuse in Hair | Journal of Analytical Toxicology | Oxford Academic
  2. H

    PH up and down spill help need advice

    Hey guys so ive really been a lurker on this site for some time andhave really appreciated the work of Mr.Smith, 420fied(Koolkat), and Propagator, and until now I have been doing great with my bubble buckets and my hempys. So this is my problem, and its pretty fucked. I had both Ph up and...
  3. coralman

    Advice needed regarding chemical /organic nutes

    So im fairly new to growing indoors and have been using biobizz range of nutes with pm old timer organic pk booster and organic ph up/down as i no they are more forgiving. Now i always said once i have my environment dialled in and had a few succesfull grows i would think about chemical...
  4. Kriaze

    Completed A Little Bit Of Everything - Chemical - Organic - With COB Lights & UV

    Hello once again :420: After a break from journalling for awhile I have decided to start another after being talked into it by MrAm4zin, it wasn't a hard thing for him to do as I had missed this aspect of my Cannabis related hobby, but hey if it makes you feel better looking at my terrible...
  5. Kriaze

    Organic vs Chemical - What is missing?

    As the title states, I'm growing some plants 'organically' using a mix of my own compost plus a cannabis based soil mix, Alpha Mix is the main one but there are some with All-Mix and some with Canna Terra Pro. In my compost I mainly add veg, fruits, egg shells, sea shells, seaweed, brown leaves...
  6. TorturedSoul

    Light Bleaching

    I just stumbled across a couple of articles that may help explain light-bleaching. The first appeared in Plant Physiology, which is published by the American Society of Plant Biologists. Non-Photochemical Quenching. A Response to Excess Light Energy The second appeared in the Journal of the...
  7. V

    Runoff with soil and chemical vs organic nutrients

    Hi, I am a bit unsure on this, but if you're using chemical nutes, are you still encouraged to do a ~20% runoff as with Coco for example? With this in mind, if I use organic nutes like the Canna line, do I need any runoff at all except for a) just a little to know if I have watered enough...
  8. F

    Whitefly, chemical control

    Hi I want to control whitefly, I have used Cypermethrin but it doesn't work against it. I pretend to use Imidacloprid... Somebody have used it or another "active ingredient" to control it ?? Please send comments.
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