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  1. S

    An affordable solution for keeping your nutes cool

    Hey guys, I bought this off AliExpress to use for cooling down the nutes and it works remarkably well so I thought I'd share it with you guys: I tested it, the unit draws about 95watts when it's cooling and close to zero when idle. It runs on a single peltier cooling chip, so besides the...
  2. J

    Recommend me a chiller please

    Currently using a refrigerator setup that works pretty well. Next time around I was thinking of getting a chiller which would be more efficient and save me some space. The reviews I find online are all over the place especially for ecoplus brand. I want real world results from the people who...
  3. J

    Adding a chiller

    So I'm adding a chiller to a two 5 gallon bucket system. I'm going to add a chiller. I'm thinking I can get a third 5gallon bucket as the resivoir, and two submergeable water pumps. One to circulate water between the res and the chiller, second to circulate water between res and other two 5 gal...
  4. B

    Can anyone suggest an aquarium chiller?

    Hey can anyone recommend in saltwater aquarium chiller capable of 5-10 gallons? Doing some research online I found that these sorts of chillers can double for hydroponic chillers and considering I only need a chiller that can handle A relatively small amount of nutrient water ( compared to...
  5. CMJJMC2000

    First Grow! - Aerogarden Ultra With Mars Reflector 48 Using CK Dwarf Low Flyer

    First off, I want to start by throwing out a big "Thank You!" to all of those who have contributed knowledge to these forum boards. Without y'all providing the knowledge, I wouldn't have the ability(or confidence) to attempt this. Second, some background on me. This is my first *real*...
  6. F

    4 Reservoirs - 1 Chiller

    1 - 1/2HP water chiller 2 - water pumps 1 - 75 gallon tote for chiller & water pumps 4 - 50 gallon totes for flood and drain tables 4 - copper immersion wort chillers (25’ of coiled copper, 1 in each 50gal tote) hey guys, heres the plan… I’m going to have a 1/2 HP water chiller with its own...
  7. T


    Any help would be appreciated. I converted a dehumidifier into a water chiller for my rez. Works perfect. It chills way beyond the plants needs. My problem: can't seem to find the sweet spot in the humidity dial to get to my desired temp. Ive mico adjusted it to the point i can't adjust it...
  8. flogger11

    Reservoir temp question: Is 75 too much?

    My res was running 80 degrees, added a Coolworks iceprobe and it went down to 75, am I ok? If I need to get my temp down further the next step would be to add another ice probe or just step up and maybe go with a JBJ 1/15 mini arctica chiller (its very small and fits available space). I hear...
  9. eScott

    DIY Ghetto-Fab Chiller under $20

    So i recently had a situation where my room temp was spot-on but a new all-black propagator res had nute temps shooting into the high 80's-90's :30: I couldn't really quit my job to stay home and swap out frozen water bottles every 1.3 hours so I took my usual $20 spending cash to wally world...
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